Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone – Travis (Yellow)

Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone – Travis (Yellow)

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  • Price: $99.99 - $46.21

    Meet your Airborne Cargo MiniDrone! Customize this MiniDrone by attaching mini figures and blocks. Release it into the air and the engines will immediately come to life. While in flight, take aerial photos using the built-in VGA camera (480X640) and 1GB flash memory. If the minidrone comes into contact with another object, the propeller circuit breaker engages to reduce potential damage. Download the FreeFlight 3 app to pilot Airborne Cargo from your smartphone or tablet. Fly for up to 9 minutes with one charge and reload in 25 minutes using a 2.6A charger (not included).

    No FAA registration required
    Agile, cargo-ready MiniDrone with embedded VGA mini camera (480X640)
    Shock resistant and durable design makes it safe to perform acrobatic flips and stunts
    Includes compartments for holding small objects and a base for attaching items like mini figures or blocks
    Free Flight Mini app gives you ultimate control from your smartphone or tablet
    Removable lithium-polymer 550mAh battery lasts up to 9 minutes and recharges in 25 minutes (with 2.6A charger, not included)


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